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Casmoni, who started with a team of 5 people, walked firmly and confidently and preferred Kastamonu, the homeland for which he was inspired for production, became a giant factory employing nearly 500 people in a short time with Casmoni Teks San. ve Tic. A.S. WE HAVE 2 PRODUCTION LINES, INCLUDING TROUSERS AND JACKETS. MONTHLY PRODUCTION CAPACITY 28600 TROUSERS, 26400 JACKETS WE HAVE OUR OWN DESIGN ATTACHMENT.
Unchanging Sarar quality since 1944 Sarar which is the leader of Turkish garment industry started its commercial activities in Eskisehir in 1944. Today, the company that Abdurrahman Sarar laid its foundation in a tailor shop of 12 square meters has continued its manufacturing in the textile and garment sector with its three modern factories established on an area of 120.000 square meters in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Site, Sarev Home Textile and Shirt Factory established on an area of 185.000 square meters on the road to Eskisehir-Kutahya and lastly the Sarar Women Garment manufacturing unit in Bomonti, Istanbul. Today, Sarar which competes with the world brands in the garment sector with five big manufacturing factories in Turkey and more than 5000 employees, high workmanship quality and tailormade sewing, has continued to offer service with more than 180 Sarar themed stores in 80 cities abroad and in 75 cities in Turkey as in 5 continents and 55 countries. Sarar has more than 180 retail stores and more than 800 salespoints at home with the brands of Sarar Women, Interview Sarar, CCS, Sarar Scarf, Sarev and Sartoria Sarar. It has 85 concept stores abroad as 15 in Europe, 19 in USA and 51 in other countries.
Hatemoglu started its first store in 1924 to become the very first private sector ready-to-wear garment manufacturer in Turkey, and became one of the leaders of this industry as from those early years of the Republic. The first Hatemoglu store started by Mustafa Bey in the city of Kayseri sold various garments including men’s and women’s coats. Hatemoglu expanded its range in the 1950s in line with ever increasing demand, focused on ready-to-wear, was the first Anatolian company broadcasting commercials in Radio Ankara, and was recognized for its quality and reliability. Its first store in Istanbul was opened in 1962, its first export was made to Switzerland in 1979. The fashion show it held in Uludag in 1987 proved a trendsetting move, ensuring the company to chase the global trends and to integrate its experience with innovation, and its trademarks crowned its sustainable success. Now managed by the third generation family members, its main trademark Hatemoglu 1924 served as a basis for its trademark “@html” introduced in 2003 and Hatem Sayki launched in 2005, before presenting a rich collection to young consumers through “h-teen” introduced in 2010. Setting a target of running 1,000 stores in 2024 to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Hatemoglu continues to be a leading innovator thanks to the utmost care it takes in selecting fabrics and developing modern designs for men who feel special, in a wide range of markets from Congo to Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan to China, as it always did since the first day.
We have been manufacturing men's suits, trousers and jackets since 1993. Our factory is in Istanbul. Our factory has the latest system machines.
BRANGO Textile is one of the leading men’s apparel manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler & retail chain operator in in Turkey. We have 3 manufacturing factory, 1 wholesale branch & 37 retails chain shops in globally. Gradually we are expanding our business all over the world. BRANGO textile prime goal is to become a leading, well establish, renowned men’s fashion brand house in globally. BRANGO Textile offering its own flagship brand ''BRANGO''. Which is well known from Middle East, Europe, America & Africa . We Frequently Improve our garments article adherent with world class quality standards in the fastest & flourishing apparel industry. BRANGO Textile always study market trend & analysis the market demand. Our main products lineup included all kinds of men’s shirts, men’s polo shirts, men’s sport jacket, men’s blazer, men’s suit, men’s sweater, men’s cardigan, men’s casual jackets, men’s neck-wear etc. So get a hold with us if you want to be a part of our business family please contact with us. Inquire from global buyer, wholesaler, distributor, franchise, investor, private label manufacture,agents are warmly welcome.
Our company which started to textile sector in 1992 as a suit manufacturer, has adopted the quality production understanding as high as daily and served on this way. It has always focused on bringing quality standards to the top in order to meet customer needs and, if necessary, to lead the fashion, and with the confidence that it has been able to achieve, it has become one of the leading brands of the men's wear industry for 26 years. Approximately 5 years after our establishment, we have opened the Ziganali brand, which has been opened to foreign markets and has a say in Turkey especially in the export field. At the same time, our company keeps three different brands and shapes each brand according to the market conditions. In the field of production, we also offer our customers' demands in a fast timeframe in line with their desires by providing accurate and high quality services with fully fabricated, state-of-the-art and technological machines. We are pleased to be an institution that our customers always work with loving and believing as a company that has the best quality and right price ratio.